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Virtually each builder has faced the hard situation, when it’s necessary to drive urgently in a practically impassable area. Dirt, marshy soil, worsened by rains – all can become an invincible obstacle for those who need the delivery of materials and transportation of workers to the site. And what if a machine that has to go through the cross-country area is large and heavy, like, for example, a mobile crane? In this case the difficulties are guaranteed for everyone - for the workers, who would need to draw the machine from there, for the contractors, who would take a risk of breaking the deadlines and for the clients of the building works, who would lose their time and money. 

Is there a way out of this situation? Unfortunately, one can not argue with nature. That is how hundreds of the domestic builders used to think, but the times have changed. And now we may help you! The company MobiMat may turn the impassable route into the highway! Only in our company you can buy the mobile road covers Alturnamats which let you not wait for the mercy from nature. Manufactured according to the innovative technology, the mobile road covers are possible to buy right here and now, from the official dealer in Russia – the Mobimat company.

What are these mobile road covers? The mobile road covers are specifically intended for providing the passage through the impassable plots. The mobile road covers may as prevent the machines from getting stuck in the dirt or snow as save a lawn from the damages. They may also serve as temporary pedestrian roads during the construction works or a bad weather. The mobile road covers are famous for their cost effectiveness and high operating abilities.

Due to the unique technology of manufacturing from the finely treated high density polyethylene, our road covers can bear the weight up to the 60 tons! Providing the maximum contact with ground, the mobile road covers are at the same time easy to wash and clean from dirt. They are impossible to break up or to make any mechanical damage to. And it’s not the idle words; the six-year guarantee from the manufacturer speaks for itself.

The extreme weather and temperature conditions won’t be a problem; the mobile road covers are created as an effective solution of any road problems. You can buy them right now, just filling in the form on our site. The mobile road covers are the key to success of your business!